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Veterinary MRI Costs

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI has been made available to veterinary patients since the 1990s. It is a very useful tool for visualizing internal organs in order to diagnose diseases. Veterinary MRI has been used extensively in evaluation of the nervous system, nasal cavity, musculoskeletal system, tumors, abdominal organs and vessels.

Typically, the price for a standard MRI is $1500.00. A stat request is an additional $200.00. If additional studies are necessary, they are $500.00. This may vary from one office to another but prices usually revolve around these figures.

Animals in need of an MRI to diagnose their sickness usually have seizures (early or late onset), vestibular symptoms (central or peripheral), neck or back pain, paresis, ataxia, lameness, abnormal nasal Drainage or swelling.

Veterinary MRI is useful for primary diagnosis of sickness, treatment planning, prognosis, solving diagnostic dilemmas, and for treatment responses including post-resection treatment and therapeutic response.

Usually, all images are interpreted by a veterinary board certified radiologist to ensure accuracy in readings. These radiologists undergo trainings and have gone through exams to render them qualified for the job.

Reports are usually submitted to vet offices within 24 hours. However, if a client wishes to, the vet can follow up with the service provider.