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Animal Diagnostic Imaging

Veterinary radiology covers diagnostic imaging for animals. This service let pet owners know what health issues their furry friends are going through at the moment. It has become an indispensable part of veterinary medicine as it allows veterinarians to come up with more accurate diagnoses and better treatment plans for their patients.

This medical solution covers various procedures including animal ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT scans, and in some cases, teleradiology. All these services allow for efficiency in animal diagnostic imaging paving the way for better medical treatment of animals. Clinics that offer veterinary diagnostic imaging typically consist of experts in radiography, ultrasonography, and MRI.

Pets usually manifest indications when they need diagnostic imaging. This may include seizures, behavior changes, congenital abnormalities, inflammatory diseases, rhinitis, neck mass and lesions, chronic nasal disorders, salivary gland masses, spinal cord disease, tumor, infarctions, middle and inner ear problems, vasculitis, and/or cranial tumor. These warning signs implore the need for diagnostic imaging services since any of these could be fatal for animals.

The process of diagnostic imaging includes scanning of an animal’s body part and acquiring detailed images from their organs, tissues, and bones. The images are then analyzed to come up with a treatment plan suitable for the patient’s needs.