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Mobile Vet Ultrasound

Ultrasound San Diego based or not, plays a crucial role in veterinary medicine. It is a valuable addition to a veterinarian’s practice as it adds more worth in his services.

Portable or mobile ultrasound machines are medical imaging devices that are smaller and lighter than the typical console style machines that preceded them. Being mobile, they can be carried by hand and can even be operated using battery power only. Historically, the first portable ultrasound machines arrived in the early 1980’s but battery powered systems that could be easily carried did not arrive until the late 1990’s.

For some clinics, using mobile ultrasound machines is very useful especially if it caters to the needs of smaller animals or if the space is quite limited but an ultrasound machine is needed. These portable units are especially helpful for rural areas and for locations where there are limited veterinary services available.  It also allows scanning to be done in the field especially for veterinarians who do house calls or are required to go to specific locations like farms and barns.

There are many models available for purchase in the market. Some provide perfect images, video recording, and some are even resistant to dust and water making them very reliable for vets.