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Affordable Vet Ultrasound

Pet owners who are looking for affordable ultrasound in San Diego have many options when it comes to choosing the clinic that suits their needs. There are veterinary imaging centers in the region that specialize not only in ultrasound but also in CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Feline I-131 (Radioiodine) Therapy, Veterinary Teleradiology and Interventional Radiology.

Typically, vet ultrasounds can go as low as $200 for simple cases and can reach up to $575 for more complex situations. These prices include the cost of evaluating the pet’s case, the actual ultrasound study and interpretation, and the consultation with the veterinarian. On the other hand, ultrasound guided biopsies typically range from $250 to $500, again, depending on the complexity of the case.

Ultrasound appointments usually take 30 minutes. Pets should not be fed six hours prior to the scheduled procedure, but water intake is permitted. Pets with urination problems should have full bladders at the time of the examination.

Aside from the usual ultrasound clinics, pet owners can also contact mobile ultrasound service providers where radiologists or sonographers will come to a vet clinic to perform the procedure.

A full report, analysis of findings, and appropriate recommendations will be provided to your veterinarian after the ultrasound.