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Vet Radiology Internship

Becoming an intern, especially for veterinary radiology is a very important step for students so that they will be able to put into practice the things that they have learned in the four corners of the classroom. Moreover, it would prepare them before they venture into the Pre-clinical imaging industry.  Radiologists are now more so involved in research projects due to their interpretation acumen.

Typically, vet radiology programs aim for students to:

* Become knowledgeable with equipment, radiographic positioning and technique in small and large animal and routine abdominal ultrasound procedures in small animal.

* Review and learn anatomy with an emphasis on radiographic anatomy. Get acquainted with the correct terminology used in the dictation for radiographic studies.

* Prepare the intern for after hour’s emergency duty.  Allow the intern to develop confidence in diagnostic radiology in an emergency setting.

* Perform and interpret ultrasonographic examinations on small and large animals.

* Learn the basics of nuclear medicine and computed tomography.

*Develop basic teaching skills

*Provide teaching training and experience.

* Prepare the intern for residency training and/or graduate study or entry into a high quality small or large animal practice.

* Familiarize with common forms of pre-clinical imaging modalities, as well as their strengths and weaknesses for specific study designs.

There are several internship programs available for students in various Universities. They simply must choose which ones to take in order to ensure the best learning experience for them in the field of veterinary diagnostic imaging.